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Covid-19 Testing Across The Globe

Project Screen:
The Covid-19

Prenetics, driven by a duty of responsibility, has now processed more than 8M PCR laboratory tests globally. Prenetics Covid-19 PCR tests are approved and adopted by the Hong Kong and the United Kingdom government. Prenetics works very closely with the local health authorities and has a daily testing capacity of over 40,000 tests.

Furthermore, Prenetics gained international recognition when we were able to provide Covid-19 tests to all 20 clubs in the English Premier League.

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Mission & vision

Driven by our commitment to the community and the need to drive a collective response to curb the spread of Covid-19, Project Screen has set out to make testing easy, safe and accurate.


Covid-19 Tests Completed Globally

We strive to alleviate the pandemic across all sectors

Test For The HK Community

Testing should be easy and accessible. Wth the rising demand on business and social activities, we hope to help the public resume to normal without the concern on the risk. Thereby, we invented the World Most Accurate At-Home Testing Electronic Device which produces result in about 20 Minutes at your comfort.

Re-start English Premier League
Conduct Testing In International Airports
Shorten Quarantine Time For Hong Kong Travellers
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