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Circle HealthPod is a rapid detection system for infectious diseases, starting with Covid-19 and followed by Influenza and STDs in the near future.

Reusable with single-use molecular capsules, the HealthPod brings accurate and convenient testing to your home and work place. Our mission is to leverage science to rapidly detect disease, anytime and anywhere.

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Get results right on your phone

See step-by-step video instructions on how to perform the test, and store and share results for up to 10 people with the Circle HealthPod App.

We make testing fast & accurate.

Fast testing for risk-free events

Circle HealthPod is comparable to PCR-Quality Molecular Accuracy. With result released in 20 minutes, you can get tested in any business occasion, social activities, sports events and such carefree.

Accurate Oxford-backed technology
Internationally accredited
Introducing Oxsed
water droplets
Members of our scientific advisory board
prof. zhanfeng cui
Prof. Zhanfeng Cui

Donald Pollock Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Oxford Founding Director, University Of Science Oxford and Oxford Suzhou for Advanced Research (OSCAR)
prof. wei huang
Prof. Wei Huang

Professor of Biological Engineering at University of Oxford Department of Engineering, University Of Science Oxford and Oxford Suzhou for Advanced Research (OSCAR)
Dr. Monique Anderson
Dr. Monique Anderson

Medical Advisor. Director of Microbiology, Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trusts

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