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International Women’s Month

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This International Women’s Month, we are celebrating the many brilliant women in the healthcare industry, championing female leadership and female empowerment. The powerful and compassionate women working in healthcare and science deserve to be recognised. Female excellence should be the norm, not the exception.

To this day, women are still heavily underrepresented in the science industry. At Prenetics, we are fully in support of the movement of bringing more women to science, and placing more women at the top within leadership positions. This month, we are highlighting stories of some of our inspiring female leaders.

woman headshot dressed in business casual
woman headshot dressed in business casual
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woman headshot dressed in business casual
Dr. Anna
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Dr. Belinda
Cheung, PhD
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woman headshot dressed in business casual
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Janette Chu

Senior Product Manager

At Prenetics, Janette’s favourite aspect about her work is the sense of teamwork and support from the workplace. She believes gender should never play a role in the hiring process, as it is the talent, personality, and work ethic that matter in order to complement the team.

Chloe Hui

Health Coach

Chloe grew up underweight as a child, so nutrition and diet are very important to her. That is how she was inspired to pursue a career in health. Chloe’s grandmother was a strong female role model to her growing up, and always instilled the idea of working hard, trying her best in her career, while still being family oriented. At Prenetics, Chloe is happy to thrive in the field she is talented at.

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woman smiling

Amy Wells

Lead Dietician and VP of eCommerce

As a dietician, Amy has always worked in a female-dominant field. At Prenetics, she has been empowered in her leadership role by being able to diversify her skills. She explains, “Historically, women took on three typical roles: bookkeeper, teacher, receptionist. At Prenetics, however, I’ve been able to move through the ranks, and I’ve been empowered to take on completely different roles.”

Dr. Anna Michell

Head of Clinical Governance

Anna believes the biggest benefit of gender diversity in the workplace is how it embraces different ways of thinking. She is inspired by the extensive research that points out how differences between various ethnic groups and genders are extremely important to acknowledge in genetics. This drives Anna to continue striving for a more inclusive approach to research and what we do at Prenetics.

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Dr. Belinda Cheung, PhD

VP Research and Development

Belinda was the only woman graduating from her PhD programme. She believes many female talents are overlooked due to societal pressure for women to focus on familial obligations. Today, Belinda enjoys working in healthcare and seeing her research make an impact on the community, particularly with prevention diagnosis.

Besma Khiari

Chief Biomedical Scientist

Working in the laboratory, Besma is proud to have a high percentage of female colleagues under her management, as it is empowering for women to look up and see that the person managing them is also a woman. She appreciates the support her workplace gives her in creating a work life balance, juggling a busy career and taking care of two young children.

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Ciara Moss

VP Business Intelligence and Analytics

As she’s progressed through her career, Ciara noticed that the barriers for women to climb the ladder become more and more apparent. She explains that diversity isn’t just a tick box exercise, that the most gender-diverse companies are more likely to experience above-average profitability. As part of Prenetics, Ciara looks forward to driving representation at every level of the business and moving towards equal leadership opportunities.