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Personalized Care

Rapid Diagnostics

With technology developed at the University of Oxford, Circle HealthPod is a rapid molecular detection system for all infectious diseases, starting with Covid-19 and followed by Influenza and STDs in the near future. In approximately 20 minutes, receive PCR quality results directly on the HealthPod or on your smartphone.

Circle HealthPod can be applicable as a point of care test, at-home and across all sectors of business, travel, education, manufacturing, healthcare, public sector, hospitality, sports, entertainment, and more.

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Covid-19 Response

Prenetics, driven by a duty of responsibility, has now processed more than 8M PCR laboratory tests globally. Prenetics Covid-19 PCR tests are approved and adopted by the Hong Kong and the United Kingdom government. Prenetics works very closely with the local health authorities and has a daily testing capacity of over 40,000 tests.  

Furthermore, Prenetics came to International fame as the company providing Covid-19 tests to all 20 clubs in the English Premier League.

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Our two consumer DNA testing brands - CircleDNA and DNAfit, were developed with the mission of empowering people to improve their health through a deeper understanding of their genetic blueprint.

By utilizing Whole Exome Sequencing Technology (WES) with just a drop of saliva, we are able to produce 50-100x more data than competitors. Individuals can then receive over 500 personalised reports, including cancer and disease risks, family planning, drug response,  diet, sports, and more.

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Cancer Screening

ColoClear by Circle is the only stool-DNA screening test for detecting colon cancer that is approved by the National Medical Products Association.

Coloclear tests for colon cancer by identifying abnormal DNA and traces of blood in the stool that precancerous polyps and colon cancer can cause.
Coloclear is a physician-ordered test that you can perform at home. It’s far less invasive and more convenient than the traditional colonoscopy test.

Personalized care

Personalized Care

We believe in taking a scientific approach to health. You are unique and so are your vitamin needs. From treating specific conditions, and supporting your body’s natural genetic make-up. We are developing the future of personalized care, specifically for you.

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Our Mission

At Prenetics, we give everyone the power to be in control of their own health.

Prenetics’ mission is to bring health closer to you. We decentralize healthcare, make comprehensive and accessible diagnostic testing and personalized care a reality.

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